Quanti kg di lavatrice per due persone?

Quanti kg di lavatrice per due persone?

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A household’s washing machine size is a key factor in determining its efficiency and effectiveness in carrying out its main purpose – laundry. But how do you determine how much capacity you need per person in a household of two?

The washing machine capacity is usually measured in kilograms (kg) and will range from around 7-15 kg per cycle. Generally speaking, a household of two people will be best served with a washing machine of 8-9 kg capacity. This capacity is great for two people and will easily cope with the demands of an average family laundry routine.

So, what does 8-9 kg capacity mean in practical terms? It means that the washing machine can comfortably handle a full load of washing that is equivalent to 8-9 kg of dry clothes. The dry clothes will then translate to a wet load of around 6-7 kg. If you have a lot of bathroom and kitchen towels it is best to stick to the lower weight range and vice versa. As a rule of thumb, it is advisable to opt for the highest capacity that you can afford to allow for flexibility in your laundry routines.

As for features, it is best to go for a washing machine with multi-cycle or eco-friendly options. This will not only enhance the life of clothes but also help save energy and water costs. A delay-start option will furthermore help in reducing the overall running costs of the machine by washing clothes when electricity tariffs are at their lowest.

To sum it up, from a household of two, a washing machine with an 8-9 kg capacity would be ideal. It will provide enough cycling power for an average family laundry routine and also save on energy bills with its eco-friendly options.